Michael Moore = RichFatCat

I see Michael Moore has been a guest speaker on many TV news episodes as a figure-head of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I'm amazed this member of the upper 1% is allowed to speak on behalf of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
When Flint Michigan was heading into a recession due to the GM plant closing, I sat and watched this movie hailing Michael for his bravery and passion.  He seemed to go at it alone.  This movie made people stop and think of the decisions that CEO's where making. 
However time has shown that it wasn't decisions of CEO's that was killing jobs at GM.  It was the un-ending and outrageous demands of unions and people like Michael who seem to think corporations and govenments are required to pay people liveable wages and unlimited benefits for their lifetimes.

 Roger & Me (1989)

My biggest hope is to see the next "Michael Moore" type of documentarian walk up to the real Michael Moore with a camera and ask him what will he do about jobs in Flint Michigan or jobs in the US.  There are no CEO's to blame for what the US is going through.  If Michael wants to blame the upper 1% of the people who are millionaires, he should look at himself.  It would be real easy for him to disclose how much he pays in taxes or contributes to charity.  Isn't this what he is asking of the upper 1%?

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