P2P Lending

P2P Lending
By Michael Weddle

Social lending existed long before banks; most presently communal lending is taken off in the last couple of years and is become a major source of loan money thanks to our shaky economic times and as other sources of small loans dry up. Person-Person lending sites connect individual lenders and borrowers through a peer-to-peer lending network that is streamlined, efficient, legally formatted, profitable, and most importantly - helpful Social lending person-to-person Peer to Peer Lending, is getting more attention. Borrowers are looking for investors willing to make small business and personal loans.

Emerging financial relationships
P2P lending is the emerging social trends that directly and indirectly signal change in relationship with high street banks. Sixty four percent of people felt that they had received charges from their principle bank which they felt was unfair or unreasonable. Mainstream banks are based on authority and rigidly defined consumer and institutional roles that establish a set of unequal power relationships. P2P lending may seriously rival more traditional mainstream financial services and prompt a need to re-examine the model of traditional banking. Shared lending-Cutting out the middle men, Borrowers with good credit can now benefit from lower interest rates by bypassing banks and credit card companies. Borrow up to $25,000, at rates as low as 7.88% collective lending brings everyone together.

Why Social Lending
The most important motivation for using Peer to Peer lending was financial gain Lending and borrowing directly from people increases the perceived risk of using Social Lending investors competent using the Internet and who are financially savvy and stimulated by risk-taking or you have a desire for control. Peer-Peer-Lending sites offer a financial exchange between two People but they do not rival the range of products and services offered by mainstream financial services.

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