I got the Amazon Fire for Christmas

Here is what I have loaded on my Kindle Fire:

IHeartRadio for listening to my favorite radio talk programs.  You can start the IHeartRadio app and it plays in the background while I change to other apps like the browser for surfing the web.

Facebook app for keeping up with family and friends.  It works just like my ipod touch and iphone.  Actually I think it's just a browser link to

YouTube videos all day long.

Free public domain books from Amazon.  Yes, Amazon sells free books.... I've purchased many, many books for $0.00 from Amazon.  The checkout procedure is the same as any other book.  The reciept shows $0.00.  It's a great cheap way to find great books to read without having to cary them around. app is great for keeping me informed of how much money I have in the bank.  The only thing I don't like about the Mint app for Kindle Fire is that I need to hit the refresh button.  On my iphone and ipod the refresh is automatic when I launch the app.

Amazon app, ya sometimes I search Amazon on my Kindle Fire....

Ebay app.  I do everything on Ebay using my Kindle Fire.  I buy, sell, respond to request from potential buyers, setup watch items, bid.

Browse the web, endlessly.


This camera will change your life !!!

This camera will (deep voice with echo) "Change Your Life Forever".....
Go search the YouTube videos from people who have used this GoPro Camera CHDSH-002 HD HERO2 Surf Edition

This camera can be mounted to the top of your car, held while on a skateboard, mounted to the handlebars of your motorcycle.

You WILL be more active with this camera.  It will get you off that couch and more active.  The videos created by mounting this camera on a surf board is amazing.

The next thing you will need is your own soundtrack song. try this one: We Can Make The World Stop

The videos this camera creates are stunning.  It makes me want to do stunning stuff.  There are wonderfull YouTube videos already of people who jump from planes, surf, or just play with the kids in the pool.  This camera will get you on your feet and moving in fast motion.  Consider it your new exercise program without the workout equipment.  Imagine the world is your gym and this camera will be there to record it. 

Once you make some videos, post them, for us to see.