I got the Amazon Fire for Christmas

Here is what I have loaded on my Kindle Fire:

IHeartRadio for listening to my favorite radio talk programs.  You can start the IHeartRadio app and it plays in the background while I change to other apps like the browser for surfing the web.

Facebook app for keeping up with family and friends.  It works just like my ipod touch and iphone.  Actually I think it's just a browser link to

YouTube videos all day long.

Free public domain books from Amazon.  Yes, Amazon sells free books.... I've purchased many, many books for $0.00 from Amazon.  The checkout procedure is the same as any other book.  The reciept shows $0.00.  It's a great cheap way to find great books to read without having to cary them around. app is great for keeping me informed of how much money I have in the bank.  The only thing I don't like about the Mint app for Kindle Fire is that I need to hit the refresh button.  On my iphone and ipod the refresh is automatic when I launch the app.

Amazon app, ya sometimes I search Amazon on my Kindle Fire....

Ebay app.  I do everything on Ebay using my Kindle Fire.  I buy, sell, respond to request from potential buyers, setup watch items, bid.

Browse the web, endlessly.

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