Make money online with HubPages

I've started my own HubPages so I can have a part time passive income.  My day job pays the bills but it would be great if I had a few more income streams coming in each month. 

Most of the work I do online takes only a few minutes out of my lunch break or after work.  Just a few minutes each day or each week writing a few lines or adjusting ads on my sites is all I can give into this venture.  The rest of my time is taken up by my day job or family time and chores around the house.

I've started writing articles on HubPages and blog entries so I can collect the advertising dollars generated through Google Asense or Amazon Associates.  The more pages I get out on the web, the better chances of picking up clicks or sales. 

My goal is to make lots of tiny places on the web that draw people into clicking on the ads.  You don't get paid until someone clicks and you don't make the big bucks until someone makes a purchase after that click. 

This website http://www.richfatcat.com/ is only one of many websites where I have articles or blog entries that have fairly good content laced with lots of key wording that gets picked up on search engines.  Someone types in Roland SX-15 into a search engine should find a link to my other website http://www.enterjakarta.com/.  My goal is to have a thousand tiny pages spread all over the web collecting small amounts of traffic from multiple sources and maybe one person out of those thousands will click on the ad and buy something.

It's real difficult to draw thousands of people to your website.  If you have a way to draw a crowd of thousands to your website, your a genius.  You shouldn't have a problem making lots of money from your online ventures...but for the rest of us, we have to cast our nets into the river anyway possible.  I choose to cast a thousand nets.
One of my many nets I cast and it's my biggest money maker so far is the video I created a few years ago when I bought a vinyl cutter.  It cuts vinyl in patterns so you can create stickers, window decals and even t-shirts.  I made a video on how to use it and one day I got an email from Google saying they would like to monetize the video and share with me the advertising dollars it generates.  So I did.  I enjoy the $5/month I make from my YouTube video, but I would like to multiply that a few more times. 

I'm thinking about what other nets I can cast into the waters.  Maybe it will be CafePress or another YouTube video.  The problem with YouTube videos is that YouTube deciedes which video is worthy of advertising.  So you need to make one that a lot of people will like.....now we are back to casting a large net.  I don't have nets that big....  My videos have little appeal to a large audience.  I can only wish to get lucky as I did with this video on YouTube.


It's Kind of a Funny Story [Blu-ray]

I watched this movie on a long flight recently.  I had no commerical advertisment leading me to this movie.  It just popped up and I watched it... The best movies are found without any buildup or hype. 
I loved it. 


Amazon's Movers & Shakers

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Watch what will be tomorrows trend or hot buy. 
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