Design, Make, Sell

Is your garage your labratory for building projects?  Do you search for new ideals to build?  Do you have a design you want to create but you need to buy more stuff just to make it?
These days you don't need a garage full of tools and equipment to create your designs.  If you can design it, there is a company like Cafepress website that will build it.
Wouldn't it be great if you had your very own T-shirt factory?  Your designs on fabric would sell, if only you had a way to screen print.  If only you had a website that you could promote and maintain.  What if you created a website and the orders flooded in?  Are you ready to fullfill all the orders?  Could you quit your day job to handle all the sales?  The answer to all these question probably require you to make massive changes in your world in order to sell the T-shirts.  What if you took your designs and outsourced everything to an already established business? 
It's already available here:
Cafepress has everything you need and more.  It's not just T-shirts they are capable of....they also do so much more:  Create custom printed flip-flop shoes, mugs, fridge magnets, buttons, mouse pads, posters, thongs, baby bibs, etc.  Just edit the free .jpg templates they provide.

Once you find Cafepress can handle all your two dimensional designs then you are ready for the challange of three dimension design.  If you can create a design in three dimensions, look into 

Join the global making network

They will laser cut or mill your designs out a multitude of materials.  They can cut your designs out of cheap cardboard and ship it to you as a prototype of your design.  Once your design is proven to work, have it cut in wood, plexiglass, leather, felt; whatever is needed.

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