Invest money or get money.....

I just found an excellent way to invest money and receive more than a bank could ever offer as interest.

Have you ever felt jealous of the credit card companies that charge over 10% to their customers.  Imagine if you could invest money like a credit card company.  Imagine if you could choose who gets your money based on their credit history.  And you can limit how much you invest in each person, usually only $25.
Now you can by signing up with Lending Club and find out how to invest like a credit card company.

You can also get a loan at Lending Club.  Request a loan today and you can get funded in just a few days from people who joined Lending Club for the investment. 

This new combination of people with money to invest by loaning it to people in need is called P2P Lending (peer to peer).  Several investors pool their money together and loan it to one person.  No one invests all their money in one person, usually your money is spread out with multiple loans each earning you interest. You can also sell your positions in the loan if the persons credit history starts to go negative.

Lending Club respects the privacy of its members. Your personal information, whether you borrow or invest will always be kept totally confidential from other members -- including me.

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